AS the sun starts to shine in Wiltshire, the annoying itchy eyes and sneezing fits are set to return to hay fever sufferers.

Advice to stop high pollen counts for ruining day trips out has been released, and even includes putting petroleum jelly in your nose helps to trap pollen grains.

Showering and changing clothes after being outside is also a good way to stop pollen spreading through the home and causing even more misery.

Dr Andrew Girdher, GP at Box Surgery advises: “The best way to control hay fever is with antihistamines and these can easily be bought from local pharmacies or supermarkets very cheaply and starting to take them now so they get into your system will really be of benefit.”

“Visiting a local pharmacy is your best option. You can speak to the pharmacist; who is an expert in medications and can advise you on the best treatment. They can also offer advice on how to avoid hay fever triggers. If the pharmacist feels that the problem is something different which might require a review with a GP, they will recommend this.”

Other ways to help reduce the effects of hay fever include Wearing wraparound sunglasses when outdoors to protect the eyes and staying inside on days where high pollen counts are forecast.