KIND gestures can be hard to come by but a surveying company have showed that in spades after donating kip bags to a homeless drop-in centre in Trowbridge.

The founder of KipBag, Chris Haycock, has teamed up with Chippenham based, White Horse Surveyors Ltd, who sponsor the charity, to donate his KipBags - which contain a sleeping bag, toiletries, socks, hat, plasters and a homeless information pack.

And of the many causes that could of benefitted from this, they chose Breakthrough Trowbridge and donated eight of these kits to the charity.

Rev Barrie Dearlove, of Breakthrough, said: "When the offer of kip bags came to me I jumped at the opportunity because this kind of service is vital to the welfare of our people.

"Rarely do businesses give a thought to the homeless, and it's a delight to be contacted with the offer of these small but vital life preserving items which are included in the kip bags donated to us from White Horse Surveyors Ltd who work with us instead of against us."

Mr Haycock added: "KipBags can't eradicate homelessness, but by distributing them instead of handing out cash, we can help those who find themselves in a crisis."