DISGRACED Trowbridge snooker player Stephen Lee has admitted to working illegally in Hong Kong but he will avoid jail.

Lee, of Birch Gardens, was arrested in April and has been on bail since he initially pleaded not guilty to breaching the conditions of his tourist visa.

The 43-year-old's case, however, was dismissed after an agreement was made to go down the path of getting a 12-month good behaviour bond of £95.

If he was found guilty, the former world number five could have been sentenced to three months or more in prison.

Hong Kong's Immigration Department had been informed that Lee, who arrived on a tourist visa in April, was offering one-to-one lessons and an undercover officer entered the billiards hall on April 12.

Lee gave a lesson to the officer, who then paid with marked bills before revealing his identity and arresting the Englishman and two others.

This is not the first time Lee has been in the news for the wrong reasons as in 2013 he was banned from playing the sport for 12 years after being found guilty of match-fixing charges.

He was also found guilty of fraud in 2014 after he accepted money for someone to buy his cue, but he never sent it.