BUSINESSES in Bradford on Avon have clubbed together to raise £3,300 to purchase one of Bath’s Minerva Owls in order to be part of this year’s trail.

They were helped by pledges of up to £1,000 from Bradford on Avon Town Council and Bradford on Avon Area Board, plus donations of £100 each from 19 of the town’s retailers and businesses.

It will enable the town to take part in the Minerva Owl trail which takes place from June 25-September 10.

James Sullivan-Tailyour, owner of the Swan Hotel, said: “The plan is to locate the owl centrally in the town so that everyone can see it.”

Artist Bunny will decorate the owl to link with the town’s Women 100 celebrations for the Suffragette movement.

Her design for the Frida Owl will reflect the style of Mexican artist and political activist Frida Kahlo (1907-54).

The aim is for the owl trail to boost the town’s tourist trade by bringing visitors from Bath out to Bradford on Avon.

Trail maps will be available from Strawberry Blue in The Shambles or from the Swan Hotel, as well as Bradford on Avon’s Tourist Information Centre.

People can also download a free mobile app from the Minerva Owls website at