DEFIANT Avon Bowls Club members have vowed to carry on playing, despite their clubhouse being vandalised by young hooligans in an overnight attack on the eve of an important match.

A group of youngsters threw stones on the bowling green and at parked cars, rode their bicycles across the grass and tore down part of the clubhouse guttering and then threw it on the roof.

The attack happened overnight on June 25 and is one of a series of incidents involving criminal damage that have taken place at Melksham House and Avon Bowls Club in recent weeks.

The vandalism came just days ahead of the club’s chairman, Dawn Edwards, in her role as president of Ladies Bowls, hosting her President’s Day on Monday, July 2.

Around 80 people from local bowls clubs in the area attended the prestigious all-day event.

Club secretary Philip Wells said: “It is very distressing for our members and officers but we survive.

“We have been a bowls club since 1922 and are determined to carry on.

“Considerable damage has been done to the clubhouse guttering at the rear, which was torn off and thrown onto the roof, and missiles have been thrown onto the green.”

Mr Wells added: “The vandalism is very serious indeed and Wiltshire Council really need to ensure the security and safety of people using the area.”

Wiltshire Council said: “We will organise for the repair of the guttering and for the debris to be cleared.

“We will also liaise with the local community policing team to see if there is anything further we can do to support with site security.”