THEY say every dog has its day but that wasn't the case for a Jack Russell who jumped into an algae-covered lake in Trowbridge which it mistook for a patch of green grass.

On Thursday at around 8pm, firefighters from the local fire station were called out after the poor dog had leapt into the lake at Biss Meadow.

Despite its best efforts to climb to safety, the Jack Russell was stuck under a pontoon and could not get out.

But firefighters came to the rescue, pried up a couple of wooden slats and lifted the frightened dog to safety, before re-uniting it with its extremely grateful owner.

Watch manager at Trowbridge, Guy Tadman, said: "We got the call at around 8pm and the owner said they were walking along when the dog dived into the lake. The dog thought it was a patch of green grass.

"In his disgust, he swam under the pontoon, away from the algae, and tried to climb out by going onto the ledge underneath it. The owner tried to get the dog out put he didn't have the equipment to do it.

"We pried up a couple of slats and managed to get him out to safety, before putting the slats back in place.

"The owner was very grateful to us for rescuing his dog.

"Plan B was to wade into the lake to save the dog. The Jack Russell was fine which is good."

The crew brought a fire engine and a water rescue vehicle to the scene. The dog was rescued within five minutes or so.

If the owner is interested in doing a story on this, he can call 01225 773623.