ROMAN remains have been found at a golf club in west Wiltshire.

Shards of pottery and roof tiles were found at Cumberwell Park Golf Club near Bradford on Avon during work to build three new holes on the course.

A man out walking his dog found the objects after workmen had stripped the top soil away.

Susan Farr, at Wiltshire County Council's archaeology service, said: "We haven't confirmed the nature of the discovery yet, but it is likely it came from a Romano British dwelling.

"We are planning to go back in a week or two with the Wiltshire Field Group, who are a group of volunteers based at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes.

"The find suggests there is something there, but it is not unusual to find these kinds of things in fields in the UK."

She said the group would probably carry out some keyhole excavations and then fill them in so the find could be preserved in situ'.

"Our museums are chocka and we are really pushed for space so we would probably leave it in the ground for future generations," she said.

Work on the new golf holes has not been affected by the discovery.