A WEST Wiltshire firm of funeral directors have become the first in the UK to offer a pair of Tesla Model Xs as funeral limousines.

Aaron & Jonathon Bewley Funeral Directors have taken delivery of two high-tech £70,000-plus Californian-designed Tesla Model X 75D electric vehicles supplied by a Bristol car dealership.

They boast an array of innovative features, including electric ‘Falcon-Wing’ upward-lifting doors for easy access, and offer near-silent transport for up to six people.

The award-winning and independent family-run firm has served the local community in West Wiltshire for more than three decades from offices in Corsham, Chippenham (two) and Melksham.

Director Aaron Bewley said: “The response to the Tesla’s has been overwhelmingly positive. Our clients have been very interested in the vehicles and have commented on the comfort of the ride but they are more than a novelty.

“As an ethically-run, family business we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, something our clients are increasing concerned about.

“We have plans to go all-electric and with zero-emissions, the Tesla’s are the most environmentally friendly way for families to accompany their loved one on their final journey.

“It also means we can pass on the savings to help to bring down the overall cost of funerals.”

With a range of up to 259-miles, each Model X can be fully charged in 2.5-hours. Each charge works out at around £12.50 (based on the average price per kilowatt of 0.12p) and there is no road tax to pay.Although these models, which start at £70,500, do not come with Tesla’s infamous Ludicrous Mode, which is only available on the highest-specification model, acceleration is still remarkable thanks to the instantly-available torque.

They also offer a self-driving capability, ultra-high fidelity sound and smart air suspension.The ease of access afforded by the upward-opening doors is a major plus, especially for elderly clients.

Aaron Bewley added: “Tesla UK have already been in contact and shown a real interest, so the next step for us is to move the entire fleet to Teslas – but we’ll have to wait and see if Elon Musk may be interested in giving us a Tesla Model S to convert into a hearse.”