THE future of a group that caters to Trowbridge’s Windrush community and a racial equality council is in jeopardy due to a shortage of helpers.

The West Wilts Community Club, which has organised activities, events and home visits to the elderly group members since the 1960’s, and the Wiltshire Racial Equality Council, a charity that has sought to eliminate racial discrimination in Wiltshire since 1976, could fold as volunteer numbers are dwindling.

Kam Kinshasa works as a community development worker for the council and a temporary activity co-ordinator for the club, but as her health is declining, she says someone urgently needs to fill her role or both the club and the council could cease to be.

“It would be desperately sad if both of them folded but that is the situation we are in,” she said.

“We desperately volunteers at both the club and the council, which has an office at St George’s Works in Silver Street.

“I have been at the council for six years and the club for a couple of years helping out. Our helpers have decreased in quantity and if we want to keep them going, we urgently need help.

“The activity co-ordinator at the club, which serves 20 members aged in their 50’s to 80’s, organises activities, events and organises home visits to help with their social care needs.

“We put on some art workshops last month but without any more help, these people may have had their last session which is very sad.

“As a community development worker, I help victims of austerity, help members who are struggling with health and social care issues, with bullying and all other sorts of important things.

“Low income and isolation are more pronounced as many do not have family support that they used to have as young members of the family have moved away to find decent jobs. We have to keep the club and the group going.”

To volunteer at the club or the council call 07561 846728 or email