SELF-taught Trowbridge filmmaker Eden Saunders says he is so excited to have his own business after dreaming of going down this career path for most of his life.

The 26-year-old, of Rock Road, has been fascinated in the art of film-making since the age of 10. After completing a training course at the Prince’s Trust in Bath and getting his own camera equipment, he felt he was ready to give this profession a go.

Now he has set up Eden Saunders Productions, he has own office by his house and his own website.

Mr Saunders says his film company specialises in charity and promotional films.

“I live for filming and truly shine from behind the camera,” he said.

“This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I was lucky enough to be an extra in the film War Horse a few years ago and that was the most amazing experience.

“I got to see Steven Spielberg at work, which was incredible. That made me even more passionate about becoming a film-maker. I will never forget that moment.

“I have my own studio by my house that I work out of. I am excited about the future.

“I am into charity and promotional films, I believe I can do well here because I have a lot of passion and drive.”

So far Eden has made a few short videos about Hope Nature Centre in Southwick.

His mum, Sharon Goulty, said: “I am so proud of him. He comes alive when he is behind the camera. He does not talk much but he loves to listen.

“He has his own office, at my mum’s house, which he loves. I want him to live his dream.”

To see his work visit