PEOPLE living close to the E J Shanley and Sons scrapyard in Warminster are pleased town councillors have backed them and asked that the proposed expansion of the workshop will not increase the site’s daily working hours.

Warminster Town Council’s planning advisory committee have asked for restrictions on the plans to expanding the company’s existing workshop next to Warminster station.

The restrictions, which will have to be approved by Wiltshire Council when it rules on the plans, include retaining working hours to between 8am-5pm on weekdays and 8am-1pm on Saturday, with no vehicle movements on a Sunday. The firm had hoped to extend the working hours until 7pm however local councillors said they were aware of residents’ concerns.

David Hayward, of Hillbourne Close, said: “This is a relief. We live right behind the scrapyard and I can deal with the first hour of noise when coming home from work but if the company got extended hours that would of been a real issue.

“When I bought this property 13 years ago we were fine with the notion that there would be noise until five o’clock.

“Ourselves and other residents in this street would definitely object if Wiltshire Council reject these proposals though.”

Stewart Mill, of Forage Lane, said: “The expansion will now come further behind our house which may make the noise more constant in our bedroom. If the hours are remaining the same then I do not have an issue but it may be annoying for parents with children.”

Andrew Stanley, owner of E J Shanley and Sons, said: “After attending several meetings with the council we have come to a good agreement that allows my business to utilise the land without disturbing residents.”