PLANS to build a roof terrace and 15 flats on a dentist centre in a conservation area in Trowbridge have been opposed by the town council and criticised by a residents group.

An application has been submitted to increase the number of flats on top of The Halve dentists clinic site from six to 15, by building a second floor and roof terrace on the building.

The concrete building was built in the 1960s and had been used as a health centre before closing and being reopened as a dentist surgery.

However, residents nearby say that the new plans are not in keeping with other buildings in the area which is one of only two residential conservation sites in the town.

Fiona Watson of the residents association for people who live in Tailors View and Union Street has warned that if nine extra flats are given the green light by planners, there could be increased antisocial behaviour and parking problems in the already busy central area of town.

Mrs Watson of The Halve said: “We would love to see that place developed in a way that is sympathetic to the conservation area it is in. Planners are in a difficult position being under pressure from the government to create homes. However, 15 in this space means they will be too small for anyone to live comfortably.

“Creating a modern eye sore is not the way to go forward.

“The impact of the roof terrace means there could be parties and increased noise problems there.”

Applicant RN Real Estates Ltd already has planning approval for six flats to be built on the first floor of the building, which was granted in 2016.

During the initial proposal, the applicaiton stated: "We believe that careful design considerations have been taken to provide habitual spaces

within the existing Clinic building, service facilities investigated to meet with local authority guidelines and without making to many unnecessary changes of appearance to the character of existing building apart from enhancement."

A plan to create 10 one bedroom flats was withdrawn earlier in the year, and replaced with the current proposal to build nine new homes.

Trowbridge town council has opposed the plans and said: “The proposed development and in particular the second floor and the roof terrace, by reason of its size, siting, form and location would result in a cramped relationship and sense of overbearing harmful to neighbouring amenity.”

Trowbridge town councillor Stewart Palman has called for the proposal to be investigated by the planning committee after objecting to the proposal.

Targets for new houses in Wiltshire has been set at 44,000 by 2026.

The Network Against Wiltshire Scrawl (NAWS) wants more office spaces to be found within towns to minimise the numbers of new houses built on green spaces.