THE son of an American soldier who was born in Trowbridge is trying to piece together information about his late father and the troops he was stationed with in the town during the Second World War.

For the last 18 months, David Moore has made it his mission to complete the jigsaw puzzle that was his early childhood.

David was born at Trowbridge hospital in 1944 to Gwyneth Ryan and an Italian-American soldier called Nick Dambro - who was serving in the army.

But when his mother's husband, who had gone missing during the Second World War, unexpectedly returned home, Mr Dambro left and then David's step father said he wanted nothing to do with the then four-year-old.

He was then adopted by Gwen and Harold Moore and he grew up with them in Clutton, Somerset, which is where he still resides today.

Fast forward to 2016 and David got in touch with After Adoption, a national charity and independent adoption agency, near Bristol and the staff there managed to use adoption records to find out that he had four step-siblings.

Now he is looking to see if anyone can help him in his search.

"It would mean so much to me to find this vital information. I should know where my father rests," said the 74-year-old, who has two daughters.

"It would be nice to know what his life was like and just something more to go off. I came into this world without really knowing my father and that is still the case.

"I am currently researching the American troops that were based in and around the Trowbridge area during the Second World War. He must have come over in 1942 or 1943.

"If anyone has information on their regiments, or units, location and addresses of their residences, that would be very much appreciated so I can piece together a family history.

"My step father did not want anything to do with me. All I have is sketchy information. We have hit a brick wall and we need help."

Mr Moore, whose wife Marlene Hazel died seven years ago, said that out of the four step siblings, one died a while ago in Trowbridge, one still lives in Trowbridge, another lives near Frome and another lives in America.

"I have been in touch but I have not got too far. I am trying to talk to the step-sibling in America at some point," he said.

"I am also being helped by a historian called Bill Blannon. He is trying to find out about my dad. I really hope I can find out this crucial information about my childhood and to know a bit more about my family."

If you have information call 01761 452924.