TROWBRIDGE residents asked for more of the same after enjoying a day of history of culture in the town for Saturday’s Heritage Open Day.

Locals got a chance to visit the Court Street Gallery’s exhibition, which took a look back at the first Brick Mills to be built in Trowbridge

There was a guided history tour of the town centre, with the Trowbridge Museum Team, there were tours of the town hall, along with a Victorian tea party, and the Bridge House had drawing workshops too.

Co-founder of the Court Street Gallery Jenny Hamblin said the feedback she got from locals was that they wanted to have these open days more often.

“It was a great way to celebrate the town’s history, buildings and heritage,” she said.

“The number of people who came in saying ‘I’ve just come from a town hall tour, or going up the clock tower or looking at an exhibition’, was great to see.

“We had people in who may not typically be interested in galleries in art work, but they really appreciated it.

“There is so much to celebrate in Trowbridge so when we get the opportunity we do it.

“I wish we could do these trail days more often because it is a great way to realise how special Trowbridge is and what it can potentially be.”

The day was a collaboration between Town Hall Arts, Drawing Projects UK, Court Street Gallery and Trowbridge Museum with the aim of showcasing the town’s cultural and artistic offering.