AN expert Taser instructor at Wiltshire Police said that the two officers who used the electroshock weapon on a self-harming Warminster man did what they were trained to do, an inquest heard.

Terrence Andrew Bennett, 44, was Tasered by PC Chris Cook and PC Jon Hargreaves at his parents’ bungalow in Hillwood Close, Warminster, as he had a knife on him, one that he had used to cut his wrists and throat. Despite their efforts to save Mr Bennett, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and manic depression, he died on October 27, 2016 at around 12.30am. On Friday, Police Sergeant and chief training instructor PC Pete Tuite told the jury at Salisbury Coroners Court that that PC Cook and Hargreaves did what they were trained to do.

“PC Chris Cook and PC Jon Hargreaves are both experienced Taser officers,” he said.

“They would have gone through initial training and the refresher too. They are students that I have taught.”

When asked by Wiltshire’s assistant coroner Nicholas Rheinberg if it appeared that the officers followed their training, PC Tuite said ‘Yes’.

PC Tuite added that police officers will be tested to see if they have any mental health issues and are competent enough to use a Taser. If that is not the case, they cannot be taught how to use one.

“For the training process, they have a three-day course and 18 hours of contact with the Taser,” he said.

“You are authorised for 12 months to have this. Then you must take a one-day, six hour refresher course. Authorisation to use the taser is suspended if they do not do this refresher after 12 months.”

PC Tuite explained to the jury, that the Taser has a maximum range of 21ft, but the optimum range is seven to 15ft.

The inquest continues.