THESE tiny kittens were brought in to the care of Bath Cats and Dogs Home after their mother had stopped looking after them, at just a few days old, they were desperately hungry.

Kittens this small need specialised care, including feeding them milk every two hours by hand, which over the first month adds up to 65-70 hours of time dedicated by our team.

As well as regular feeding, each of these kittens also need a warm place to stay. Plus vaccinations and neutering when they are old enough to keep them fit and healthy.

This year Bath Cats and Dogs Home looked after 94 kittens including these new arrivals. We care for and rehome around 150 kittens each year, and as you can imagine costs soon mount up across kitten season.

Will you help the charity look after kittens in desperate need like Reggie, Dora and Winston? £100 provides the care and love that one kitten needs. Plus essential veterinary treatment including neutering so that they can be happily rehomed. For every £100 the charity raises, it will be able to save a kitten in need like Reggie, Dora and Winston.

Donate to help today, and find out about kittens Cinder, Ember and flame who were rescued from a field fire at