A WILTSHIRE councillor has organised two meetings at the end of September with Bath & North East Somerset Council to discuss their plans to introduce a clean air charging zone in Bath.

BANES has proposed introducing their clean air zone charge after coming under pressure from central government to meet strict air pollution targets.

The move could see heavy lorries and other vehicles diverted onto roads in the Bradford on Avon area to avoid paying the charge, including the A363 through Sally in the Wood.

Cllr Sarah Gibson, the unitary ward member for Bradford on Avon South and chair of the area board's Community Area Transport Group, has raised concerns about the potential impact of an increase in traffic on Wiltshire roads.

She says the clean air zone charge – if it is imposed – could have a negative impact on surrounding towns villages, including Bradford on Avon, with drivers seeking ways around Bath to avoid the charge.

Cllr Gibson said: "I have arranged two meetings with Cllr Mark Shelford, BANES Cabinet member for Transport and the Environment, at the end of the month to discuss the impact on our area.

"One of these meetings will include members of Bradford on Avon Town Council and Wiltshire Cabinet member for Highways, Cllr Bridget Wayman.

"We will discuss the implications for Bradford on Avon and ask what is being offered to ensure that BANES are not just moving their pollution problem to us.

"The second meeting will include Cllr Johnny Kidney, the unitary ward member for Winsley and Westwood, to look at the impact on local villages including Limpley Stoke, Winsley, Holt and Staverton."

Cllr Gibson said traffic issues in Bradford on Avon are complex and need to be addressed at various levels: long term strategic, medium term regional and the more immediate local level.

She added: "Bradford is not an island and we cannot achieve workable solutions without taking account of what happens around us that has an impact on traffic flow here.

"I am liaising with Wiltshire Council Highways department and the Town Council to ensure that common aims are established and that any proposed solutions are modelled within the wider context of Highways England’s Strategic Road Investment Strategy and the Wiltshire Local Plan Review.

"It is via this work that a long-term solution to mitigate the issues of air pollution and pedestrian safety in the town will emerge.

"Be it toll charges, alternate one-way systems, lights or a combination of these and other ideas, any solution must be carefully considered as part of this wider context."