A knife-wielding attacker who stabbed an innocent man following a row over a computer game has been jailed for four and a half years.

Kamil Kozlowski armed himself with two blades and stormed across town after a pal got involved in a disagreement over an online game.

But when he got to the address of the other players they had gone out so the 28-year-old set about one of their brothers.

Rob Welling, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how the incident happened on Thursday July 26.

He said the defendant’s friend had been so upset about something that happened during the game he went to the home of another player to remonstrate.

When he got to the house, on Langford Road, Trowbridge, he ended up fighting with the two other gamers and ended up with a bloody nose and two black eyes.

Mr Welling said that when Kozlowski saw his friend in that state he got two knives from the kitchen and went to the address himself.

However when he got there the victim had just arrived home and was unaware of the earlier incident.

The victim opened the door and was immediately attacked by Kozlowski, who was holding both weapons up with the blades pointing downwards.

After being forced back into the premises one of the knives was held against his neck, going in and missing his carotid artery by millimetres.

He was kicked in the head as he bent down, fracturing his eye socket.

Before leaving the defendant said £500, then £1,000, should be paid to his friend because of what happened online.

A neighbour of the defendant called the police when he saw him arriving home with the blood covered knives.

Kozlowski, of Mill Street, Trowbridge, admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and possessing two knives.

Tim Hills, defending, said “Mr Kozlowski says he has been very, very, stupid and he is very, very, sorry.

“It appears to have been out of misguided loyalty to a friend when he thought he had been, if not physically injured, certainly cheated by somebody else.”

He said his client, who is Polish, came to the UK to work and had done a number of jobs in factories, sending money home to his girlfriend.

Jailing him Recorder Simon Levene said: “The stab to the neck came close to the carotid artery and your victim is lucky, and you are lucky, that you weren’t a few millimetres closer in which case this would be a murder.”