THE mother of a Jordan Taylor, who was stabbed to death in Trowbridge in March last year, has supported Wiltshire Police’s knife amnesty campaign after a total of 430 knives were handed into police stations across Wiltshire in just two weeks.

Members of the public have been dropping knives into special amnesty bins located at stations across the county as part of the Operation Sceptre which has been running for the last fortnight.

Emma Caley-Taylor, who has been actively campaigning against knife crime since the death of her 25-year-old son Jordan, said: “I believe we need to tackle knife crime from the root, which often starts from drink and drugs.

“I appreciate the police are doing all they can but they need help from our government, the whole judicial system needs reviewing.

“We need a zero tolerance approach and judges need to get tougher on those who carry knives.

“Anyone who carries a knife cannot be thinking right. Why would you carry one otherwise?

“My heartfelt message is, anyone who knows anyone who carries a knife please report it to the police because potentially you’ll be saving two lives, that of the victim and possibly the person carrying the knife.”

Sgt David Tippetts, who led the campaign, said: “This has been a major success, with knives from large machetes and swords to small kitchen knives handed in. Every weapon that has ended up in one of our amnesty bins is one less weapon out there to cause harm. Op Sceptre has helped remove some very dangerous weapons off the streets of Wiltshire. However, we will respond to any intelligence and information given to us.”