BUSINESSWOMEN from across the county and beyond came together to network at the first-ever meeting of the Women of Purpose Foundation.

The free event held at Trowbridge Civic Centre saw visitors network with each other in their areas of expertise, whether they have an established business or are looking to start up on their own or simply want to meet like-minded women.

People enjoyed a programme of inspirational talks by purposeful women on becoming the real you, from surviving to thriving, acknowledging your calling to write and be published and other motivating subjects.

More than 30 companies showcased areas such as IT support for the over-50s and social media training.

The Women of Purpose Foundation is the creation of Donna Broomham to bring together like-minded women who want to be heard and be given a voice.

Mrs Broomham, from Trowbridge, who has worked for Women’s Refuge and Action for the Homeless, said: “By organising this event, I truly wish to help women discover their truth, potential and ultimately their purpose, whatever that may be.

“It was a fantastic day and it was great to meet everyone.

“Often there is always something holding us back and this can be anything from confidence, motivation, lack of support or something that has happened in the past.

“This day will provide a warm and friendly space to move beyond these barriers.

“As someone great once said, when women get together, magical things happen.’

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