CHILDREN from the Busy Bees Pre-school in Chapmanslade have helped to make their village safer.

They joined the Chapmanslade Community Speed Watch team and local policing team to help reduce speeding by passing drivers.

The children made some signs to draw motorists’ attention to the dangers of driving at more than 30mph.

Chapmanslade Primary School and the Busy Bees Pre-school both have direct frontage onto the main A3098 which runs through the village.

The village is plagued by drivers using it as a rat-run between Frome and the A36 and between Westbury and Frome.

Many drivers exceed the 30mph speed limit, while heavy lorries and school run traffic causes congestion.

These issues combine to make life dangerous for the children and their parents using pavements and roads to travel to and from the two schools.

Philip Holihead, head of the Chapmanslade Community Speed Watch team, said: “The kids were brilliant.

“They took it to heart and joined in and made signs and cheered and booed when drivers were under or over the speed limit.

“They joined us for the day and at the end went away with a far greater awareness and understanding of the dangers.”

Kelly Williams, manager of the Busy Bees Pre-school, said: “We have had a week finding out how other organisations work.

“The event raised awareness of road safety among the children and helped to reduce speeding.

“We hope it will remind drivers passing through the village to drive carefully and safely to protect the local community.”