FORMER Westbury Cement Works employees gathered this week for a reunion and to support the launch of a new book which shows the history of the site through photographs.

Since the demolition of the chimney in 2016, photographer Simon Knight has gathered pictures to illustrate the years between 1962 to 2009 when the cement works produced over 700,000 tonnes of cement a year.

Ex-employees gathered at the old site on Tuesday to share their stories, get a first look at Mr Knight’s book, Westbury Cement Works: An Illustrated History, and see a presentation and video he had put together.

Tony Hannaford, who worked at the cement works for 23 years, said: “I have been back here several times since the demolition but it is great to see familiar faces, some of whom I have known since they started apprenticeships at 15 years old.

“It can be sad as when we do meet up, there is often someone missing who has passed on, but it is nice to be back.”

Emlyn Lewis worked at the site for 12 years before leaving in 1982.

He said: “This is he first time I have been back since I worked here, and it is the first time I have ever been this side of the railway line.

“It is quite strange to be back, but it is nice to see other workers again. We only tend to see each other at funerals, so it is nice to meet in happier circumstances.”

Ex-employee Rob Meaden said: “It was nice to see some of the workers today. Not all are here as many have spread their wings and moved out of the area, but it’s nice to get together.”

Westbury Cement Works: An Illustrated History, which was featured in last week’s Wiltshire Times, is available to buy online.