Detection rates and the number of young people being screened for the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia is falling, with just 18 per cent of young people getting tested across Wiltshire.

For every 100,000 people in Wiltshire, 1683 have chlamydia, according to detection figures published by Public Health England today.

Information about the sexual health of the county were published as fFigures released by Public Health England revealed that cases of syphilis have risen by 59 per cent from 172 in 2016 to 274 in 2017 in the South West. Thara Raj, consultant in health protection for PHESW, said: “It’s always best to use a condom with new partners and remember that a condom is just as important for oral sex. If changing partners frequently regular testing for STIs is also important.Treatment of syphilis is highly effective and if you are concerned you have picked up an infection through sex get in touch with your local sexual health clinic for further advice and treatment as soon possible.”

Sexual Health clinics are provided by the Department of Sexual Health at Salisbury Foundation Trust and can be contacted on 01722 425120.