A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy who has a skill for writing has put together a poem to honour soldiers who fought in World War One as remembrance day approaches.

Tymoteusz Naskretski from Westbury took it upon himself to mark 100 years since the armistice of World War One in a creative way, as he wrote his own poem to express his thoughts on the day.

Tym is a pupil at St George's Catholic School in Warminster and has enjoyed writing both in and out school.

He said: "I really enjoy writing poems and stories and I thought it would be nice to write a poem for remembrance at this time of year.

"I wanted to make the poem as interesting as I could.

"I am interested in the history of World War One but more so World War Two, as relatives of my mum's fought and died in the camps.

"When I go back to school after half term we will be working towards a spiritual show which will have singing and dancing based on remembrance.

"When I think abut those soldiers who fought for us, I think how brave of them that was and how they must be remembered.

"As I grow up I want to write story books and poems."

Tym's mum, Katarzyna Naskretska, said: "Our family background is Polish, and we like to commemorate remembrance day as it is such an important time and Poland wasn't on the map until the end of the first World War.

"We do something every year to mark the occasion, this year we will be going to the Polish church for a service.

"Tym takes an interest in the history of the wars and he loves writing stories and poems, so it is his way of remembering those who lost their lives."