CALLS have been made for road safety improvements in west Wiltshire, after three people were killed in two separate crashes this week.

Following the deaths of three men in just 48 hours, councillors from both communities where the accidents happened say more needs to be done to keep motorists and pedestrians safe.

On Friday afternoon, a Trowbridge pedestrian in his 80’s died at the scene after he was involved in a collision with a lorry on Seymour Road in Trowbridge. The road was closed for several hours, and the driver of the lorry received hospital treatment for shock.

On Sunday night two men in a Ford Mondeo were killed when the car was involved in a collision with a lorry near the Coach Road junction, just after the bend by the former Westbury cement works. The A350 between Yarnbrook and Westbury was closed for several hours.

The two men have been named locally as members of the Trowbridge Polish community, and are understood to have been travelling home from Salisbury.

Police said that although all the families involved have been contacted, formal identification of any of the victims has yet to take place.

Both roads are known by residents and motorists as accidents black spots, and some took to social media to share their worries.

Steve Green commented: “There are far too many accidents for them to be accidental. More should be done to investigate the true cause and make provisions for improved safety.” Rachel Lane said: “There’s been bad accidents along the A350 for years, why don’t they do some upgrades.”

Westbury town councillor Mike Sutton said: “The stretch of road between Westbury and Yarnbrook is an accident blackspot, and the corner is particularly dangerous as it is completely blind.

“If you are turning right into Coach Road from the Westbury direction you cant see what is coming from round that corner.

“The road is used a lot more now with the golf club and country club being down there, and something does need to done to make it safer.

“I would like to see warning signs on the approach from Yarnbrook to warn drivers of the blind corner. As there is now housing being built on each side of the road, I would like to see the 30mph speed limit brought further back to cover that corner.”

Trowbridge councillor Edward Kirk said: “I know that traffic on Seymour Road is a problem and that residents are concerned.

“However, a metro count which measured the speed of the traffic about 50 yards from the exact spot where the accident happened came back saying no action was required.

“There are a lot of HGVs which use this route out of town, especially after the weight restrictions were put on Elizabeth Way.

“We did look into puttinga weight restriction on Seymour Road. It is down to the expert officers at Wiltshire Council, and is a matter of where the HGVs would go.”