Fire fighters across the county have put in place measures to deal with potential “civil unrest” if Britain gets no deal following Brexit.

Byron Standen, head of prevention and protection at the fire service, said although highly unlikely, emergency services have plans in place with how to respond if food and medicine supplies are effected and cause public conflicts following Britain leaving the European Union.

The plans were created in response to a risk that public unrest could follow if no deal is made for the country.

Mr Standen said: “We have been pre planning for Brexit. If no deal is made we need to understand what that might mean for our resilience. There are a number of issues which could potentially arise if no deal is made.

“Issues with food supplies and medicine may lead to civil unrest and we need to know what would be our plan, it may be a stretch and there isn’t a report per say but it is a concern and we will have a better understanding if it is likely that there will be no deal in January so we can react in an appropriate way based on these planned assumptions.”

Councillors praised their efforts which were revealed during the local performance and scrutiny committee meeting, held in Devizes training centre of Dorset and Wiltshire Fire service, today.

Cllr Christopher Newbury said: “I think planning for all eventualities is right and it is reassuring to hear of these being made.”

However councillors voted against creating a cross party group to work on the impact Brexit could have on the community during a full council meeting in October.

Speaking in support, councillor Clare Cape said: “Work has been done but it is less than 170 days until Britain exits the EU and there has been a lack of risk and impact statements to date. Wisdom from a broad range of the community is needed to ensure all implications are fully considered. Just waiting for the outcome of negotiations, we feel, is going to be too late.” Council leader Jane Scott said: “What we need to do is wait and see what the outcome of the negotiations is and be ready to move swiftly and quickly to support businesses and services required to support in a timely manner. We are doing everything that can be done internally to be ready for whatever happens in the next few weeks and months. I’m not complacent at all about what we should be doing.”