THE Festival of Light is illuminating Longleat for another winter with a magical-themed journey through time and space, despite a hold-up due to extreme weather in China.

The impressive display of Chinese lanterns have this year taken on the theme of a fantastic voyage, transporting visitors around the world.

Viscount and Viscountess Weymouth Ceawlin and Emma Thynn welcomed their visitors to the big switch-on last Friday night.

Viscount Weymouth said: “Thank you all for turning up on this wet and windy evening, it is almost a miracle that we are ready to open the Festival of Light after a typhoon in China which delayed our materials getting to us by three weeks, and it is all down to our team that we are able to open, and we can’t wait to share the switch-on with you all.”

Visitors join adventurous brother and sister duo, Harry and Bea, and their fearless canine companion, Monty, as they embark on an epic, enchanted journey.

From Ancient Egypt, to a rocket voyage around the solar system and its planets, the new theme incorporates more than a dozen walk-through scenes.

There’s the chance to travel under the sea, go back in time to the age of dinosaurs and visit the frozen Arctic.

Other displays feature scenes from South America, Japan, India and Papua New Guinea, along with a 28-metre-long steam train, biplane and hot air balloon.

Five-year-old Lily Sheldon said: “I loved coming to see the lanterns, they were so bright.

“My favourite was the fox because it looked furry enough to cuddle. I also liked looking at the ancient Egypt lanterns as I have been learning about it at school.

“The dinosaurs were so big but I wasn’t scared of them.”

Over 40km of silk and LED lighting strips were used, plus more than 60,000 light bulbs.

For opening times, ticket prices and to book, please visit