A HOMELESS man who has repeatedly failed to comply with the sex offenders' registration scheme has been jailed.

Aaron Bishop had only just come out of prison for previous failures when he again didn't report to police to let them know where he was.

Now the 29-year-old Trowbridge man, who was convicted of a sex offence in 2009, is back behind bars.

Hannah Squire, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how he was jailed for 12 days last month for breaching the registration requirements.

Following his release she said he had to register with the police but was arrested when he again failed to do so.

At the time she said he was living rough, meaning he had to report weekly rather than monthly if he had a fixed address.

Bishop, of no fixed abode, admitted failing to comply with the notification requirement as a sex offender.

Miss Squire said since his initial conviction he had failed to comply with the registration conditions on eight occasions.

David Maunder, defending, said that despite being homeless his client had managed to hold down jobs and is supporting his son, who lives with his former partner in Bradford on Avon.

He said that he had forgotten to sign on with the police and having been working nights to pay maintenance for his child and jailing him had not helped.

Giving him three months, Judge Robert Pawson said "You have breached your notification requirement because your failed on October 19 to sign on with the police.

"One of the problems is, as you know better then anyone, that you are effectively homeless and you have got to sign on every week and I have no doubt your lifestyle is haphazard.

"You have some mental health difficulties, you have been working not withstanding you have been living rough. Really you overlooked this.

"Your previous are pretty awful, eight previous failures to comply with the notification requirement.

"Mr Maunder, I understand why he asked rhetorically what good does sending you to prison do, but what else can the courts do?

"The reason the notification requirements are there are to reassure the public so the police know where you are.

"You have got to realise that if this continues the sentences will start to become quite significant."