FROM stars to a bare bauble and everything in between, the Christmas Tree Festival in the Church of St James, Trowbridge, is a celebration of the community at Christmas.

Organiser Dorothy McNeish said it was about bringing the community together. Now in its third year the church is filled with 64 Christmas trees decorated by the town’s community groups and organisations. Tesco has a tree as do the Civic Society and the town council.

“It’s an outreach project,” said Dorthy, “and has become very popular. People have been very creative and have spent a lot of time decorating their trees.”

Two trees in particular have caught the attention of visitors she said. One by Christian Aid is decorated with pipes indicating their work in bringing clean water to impoverished communities and another one has just a single bare bauble. The Austerity Tree is a reminder that not everyone can enjoy a happy Christmas said Dorothy as many are homeless or are refugees.

The display is free to visit and runs in the church until Saturday (December 1) at 4pm. Refreshments are available.