A SYRIAN refugee who set up home in Trowbridge after escaping the war has set up this own business to give back to the local community.

Hussein Mohamed moved to the UK in October 2016, learned the language and set up his own tailoring business in Castle Place market last month.

After leaving school at the age of 13 to become a tailor, Mr Mohamed has spent his life earning for his family through the trade.

Now with a young family to provide for including his two children, aged one and three, Mr Mohamed is grateful he was able to move to the UK.

He said: “Providing for my family means so much to me and is the most important thing that I can do.

“By having my business in Trowbridge I hope to give back to the community who have been so welcoming of me.

“The Government have allowed me to turn my life around by living here and I want to give back as much as I can. I have made several friends since moving here, all of whom have really helped me out with the business.”

Mr Mohamed’s friend, Ed Greening from Trowbridge, said: “Hussein is very grateful to the UK government for giving him and his family the chance to build a new life here.

“He sees his business as a way of giving something back to the local community.

“Back in Syria he worked as a tailor and he saw the opportunity to offer a garment repair and alteration service in Trowbridge.

“He opened the stall in Castle Place market and has been building up a clientele through Facebook and word-of-mouth.”

Before coming to Trowbridge, Mr Mohamad worked as a tailor in Turkey.

He added: “Tring to provide for my family in Turkey was very difficult due to the country’s government, and that was a tough time for us.

“Since moving to Trowbridge my business has thrived.”

Mr Mohamad’s stall, Talin, is open Monday to Saturday in the Castle Place market.