A CENTRE for dog grooming and canine hydrotherapy has opened a new branch in Melksham to serve West Wiltshire.

Woozelbears is an established canine hydrotherapy and dog grooming company with centres in Witney, Swindon and now in Forest Road, Melksham.

The company was established by veterinary nurse Charlotte Jarman in 2010 to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation centres for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Mrs Jarman, 31, has since expanded her business to meet the demand of referrals and now has several centres providing hydrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments.

She said: “We are mainly treating dogs who have congenital defects, and dogs recovering from hip, knee or spinal surgery or injury.

“We also provide sports conditioning for dogs who are taking part in flyball and agility competitions or competing at Crufts.”

The company’s top-of-the-range equipment includes underwater treadmills, large bespoke pools with underwater cameras and a canine hydrotherapy spa.

Sarah Bussey, managing director of Woozelbears in Melksham, said: “It is going really well. The response from the local community has been brilliant. We have been treating clients from as far away as Bath and Frome.”

Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water to rehabilitate and improve an animal’s function in a large heated and sanitised pool.

Mrs Jarman added: “Dogs that are suffering from a medical condition or have had surgery benefit greatly from hydrotherapy, as it allows the animal to exercise in a non-weight-bearing environment. This relieves pressure on joints, reducing pain and encouraging movement.”

The company also operates a Klaser, only the second gait analysis treadmill in use in the UK, at its branch at Witney.

Mrs Jarman said: “The Klaser has been scientifically developed using computer software to quantify lameness as a simple numerical score whilst identifying the correct loading and movement characteristics of the gait.”

“We can also screen for detailed information such as stance time, touchdown, symmetry, stride length, peak pressure and record the improvements made throughout the program.”

Ms Bussey, a qualified hydrotherapist, added: “We tailor all of our programmes to the individual animal.

“There is no one size fits all.”

The company is also looking to recruit a qualified dog groomer for its Melksham centre.