EIGHT Packs with 42 Cubs from across the Wiltshire West District proved that 'Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations’ took part in the annual Wesy Wiltshire District Cub Scrapheap Challenge.

DC Chris Broom, who organised the event, explained: "The topic of Dinosaurs was well received as dinosaurs are nature’s special effects, they are the only real dragons and children love dragons. "The competition was high and the challenge was underway with the Cubs building various Dinosaur constructions from scrap items with enthusiasm, the room was buzzing."

The winners were 1st Hilperton Harriers, Riley, Joseph, Eddie, Cameron and Holly who built a Flying Tyrannosaurus Rex which they suspended from the wall. There were also Jurassic Park dinosaurs Tiny Ted, Tiny Tim and Donald from Southwick & North Bradley, a Cubasaurus on wheels from Bradford on Avon Invicta, a Stegosaurus from Warminster Tigers, a Diplodocus from 1st Trowbridge Ashante, Giraffatitan from Warminster Lions, a Bellusaurus from 1st Bowerhill and Diplodocus from 1st Mere.

The event was organised by DC Chris Broom and assisted by many leaders and parents. The guest judge this year was Doreen Rogers who did a brilliant but difficult job as there was only one point between the winners and everyone else.