A NEW community defibrillator for Warminster has been installed at the Parish Church of St Denys, thanks to funding provided by the Warminster Lions Club.

The essential piece of equipment, which can be used to restart the heart in a medical emergency, was presented to the Rev Jacques Desrosier at The Minster Church last week by the president of the Warminster Lions Alan Chapman.

Money for the purchase and installation of the equipment has been made available by the Warminster Lions Club after Lions Clubs were encouraged to mark the end of 2018, the movement’s international centennial year, with a project to support the local community.

The installation is now complete and available for everyone to use.

The defibrillator has been put in the church porch so it can be reached 24/7, and the aim is for it to serve the local community as well as being handy to treat anyone taken ill in the church or churchyard.

Richard Owen, of Warminster Lions Club, said: “The church is now frequently used as a venue for a wide range of events involving people of all ages, so this seemed an ideal location for the benefit of those concerned, as well as for those living in the local vicinity.

“Anyone calling 999 for help will be made aware of the exact location of the defibrillator, the access code for the equipment and instructions for its proper use.

“The Warminster Lions Club are delighted to be able to support the community in this way, living up to the Lions motto of We Serve.”

Rev Desrosier said: “It is a very good idea to have this sort of community service.

“It’s not just for the church, it can be used by the whole community, if or when it is needed.

“I believe the school and the civic centre have defibrillators but I’m not sure if they have 24-hour access like this new one in the church. It is in the church porch which is always unlocked.

“It was a great thing for the Warminster Lions Club to do, we would never have had the money to install it without their generous funding.

“It’s a great example of two organisations working together for the community.

“A defibrillator is something you wish you will never need, but it’s great to know it is there.”