THE path which runs through the churchyard of St James’ churchyard was closed off to the public on Christmas day from noon.

The path which is usually open to the public and used by many people in the town was closed off on Christmas Day to ensure it didn’t become a right of way.

The path is closed every year on Christmas Day to stop people walking through the church as a sign of respect and as a reminder that is is private land.

Revd Rob Thomas, rector at St James’ said: “We’ve been doing this for much longer than I can remember.

“ The path through the churchyard is used a lot by the public, with our full approval.

“However, closing it for one day a year ensures that it doesn’t become a right of way.

“We choose Christmas Day as it’s the the quietest day of the year, hence minimum inconvenience to anyone.

“Also it helps us remember to do it.”

The path was reopened to the public at noon on Boxing Day and will be open for the New year and into 2019.