Larkrise special school head teacher has urged parents, staff and people in the community to give Wiltshire Council their views as the special school consultation opens.

The council is proposing to build a new £20m super special school for SEND children in Rowde that will offer 220 extra places for children and become a state of the art facility.

However, protestors do not want to see special schools Larkrise in Trowbridge and St Nicholas School in Chippenham close down and Rowdeford be replaced with the bigger facility.

Headteacher of Larkrise school in Trowbridge Phil Cook said: “The Governors and Friends of Larkrise will continue to oppose these proposals as we do not feel they are in the best interest of children with complex special needs and the wider community.”

Laura Mayes, cabinet member for children’s services, said: “This ambitious investment will transform SEND in Wiltshire and provide outstanding schooling for special needs pupils into the future.

“We are bringing together the best facilities, the best teaching and the best learning environment. This will help our staff apply their expertise and experience in greater strength and with greater purpose.”

The consultation has just three questions, to find out the views of people in Wiltshire about the proposal.

Question one asks whether people support the new school in Rowde.

Question two asks for the main reason people oppose the plan, if they objected and question three asks whether they have links with family or people working at the school.

The final decision on the vision for SEND will be made at Wiltshire Council’s cabinet meeting in March 2019 after completion of the consultation.

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