BBC Television presenter Sharron Davies has thanked Bradford on Avon fire crews for saving her home after her Range Rover went up in flames.

The former Olympic silver medallist visited her local fire station after pledging to help them recruit local volunteers.

She said the firefighters had helped save her Berryfield Road home from further damage when her three-year-old Range Rover burst into flames on New Year’s Eve.

The vehicle was almost completely destroyed in the blaze, which is believed to have started as the result of an electrical fault.

Miss Davies, 56, said: “The fire service men and women were absolutely amazing. They managed to put out the fire within minutes.”

She added that it was of “paramount importance” that people volunteer to help their local fire crews.

Miss Davies was met by Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service fire chief Ben Ansell and the station’s watch manager Stuart Williams during Monday’s visit.

Other firefighters on hand included Paul Griffiths, Jade Richard, Adam Blackwell, Iolo Lavender, James Compton, Rachel Heyward and Lewis Cooper.

Her visit coincided with a national campaign to recruit more on-call firefighters.

Mr Williams said the Bradford on Avon Fire Station needs “two or three” new recruits to maintain its strength.

“I am aged 47 and we have two firefighters in their 50s. One person will be leaving soon, so we need to keep up our numbers.”

Potential recruits need to be aged 18-plus and be fit. There is no upper age limit.

Anyone wishing to join, should visit the fire station between 7pm and 9pm on Monday evenings for a chat and to meet the crew, or visit