DRIVERS speeding up and down Elizabeth Way, the road across the Hilperton Gap, are still causing a noise nuisance to people living either side of the road.

Hilperton Parish Council, which has received complaints about the noise, says it has been told by Wiltshire Council that the planning conditions attached to the road have been met and there is nothing they can do.

The parish council feels the 50mph speed limit is constantly being exceeded, and is to liaise with the police to see if more speed checks can be made to ctach offending drivers.

The council is also looking into the cost of buying Speed Indicator Devices, which can be attached to lampposts to warn drivers of their speed, which it could install on roads in the village where drivers persistently break the limits.

It is likely a decision on whether to buy these, and which roads they should be used on, will be made at their February meeting.