MEMBERS, staff and volunteers at the Old Silk Works Club in Warminster had one of their “best days ever” after a visit from Longleat staff and animals.

Three keepers from the nearby Longleat Safari Park - Kim Ovens, Bekki Warner and Lucy Jacobmeyer - rolled up in their zebra striped van from which they unloaded a selection of animals.

They included a large South American Tegu lizard called Diego, a Royal python, a loveable armadillo, two tarantulas and a military Macaw parrot.

The club is run by Wiltshire charity Alzheimer’s Support. Its head of day care Grant Newton said: “It was quite something to witness club members initially nervous but becoming so engaged, calling back the keepers when they saw others handling the snake and spiders, and then having a try themselves.

“We have dogs in the clubs most days but this was a first for us. Everyone said it was one of the best days ever at the club.”

“Thank you so much Longleat for your generosity and particularly to Becky, Kim and Lucy the keepers who were absolutely brilliant with human and non humans alike.”

The keepers and animals are now booked in to visit Alzheimer’s Support’s other day clubs in Trowbridge and Devizes.

Keeper Becky Ovens said: “As soon as we walked into OId Silks Works Club we knew it was going to be a good visit. There was a lovely vibe and it was a very happy and positive place.

“Everybody was very engaged and they all had a go with everything. There were one or two ladies who were not sure about the spiders but they had a go.

“They seemed to trust us as well and that made us feel so welcome. I loved the club so much I have decided to volunteer there every Friday from now on.”