FORMER Wiltshire Times graphic artist Stuart McDonald has published his first book after his daughter gave him the idea for a theme.

Mr McDonald, 48, who lives in Trowbridge, has just published The Witches' Tea Party which is aimed at children aged from two to six.

Mr McDonald, said: "I asked my ten-year-old daughter Isla what she'd like me to write about and she said witches, so that's how this particular story came about.

"I wrote a few more and passed them around friends and family for feedback. This one was picked out as the best, so I went for it.

"I work as a graphic designer for a local marketing company and, although I can draw, I felt that my style of illustration didn't quite fit the bill.

"So I researched and commissioned an illustrator to do all the drawings for me."

He chose Rosalia Destarisa as the illustrator and was delighted with the results.

He said: "Whilst the drawings were being done, I layed out the pages, set up the book and had the story proof read and checked.

"Isla made a couple of changes too and, seen as how the book was for her, I obliged."

He has already written a few more books but is waiting to see how the first one does on Amazon before deciding their future. But the early signs are looking good.

He said: "The final illustration was completed mid January, so I finished the layout and design, checked everything multiple times, then published the book through Amazon.

"Within literally just a few days my book was approved and for sale on

"I then created an Author's Facebook Page and started flooding social media with the news.

"It immediately started selling, all be it to friends and family at first, but now, with the power of social media and self promotion, it's continuing to sell to others.

"I honestly can't believe how well it's going. All my friends and family are so pleased and excited for me and a lot of people seem very surprised.

"But best of all, my daughter absolutely loves the book and loves to tell everyone she meets about her author Daddy.

"Publishing a children's book was on my bucket list."

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