SINCE 1973 Wiltshire Council as owners of the multi-storey car park have respected the protective covenant, which provides the visitors and workforce of Trowbridge with 475 free car parking spaces (including all day parking).

However, the Cabinet of Wiltshire Council recently voted unanimously to allow the sale of the multi-storey car park and therefore break their commitment to provide free car parking in Trowbridge.

It is clear from documentation that the new owners will introduce charges.

Will Wiltshire Council compensate the people of Trowbridge for the loss of this amenity?

In discussions between Wiltshire Council and Devizes Town Council, the revenue value of their parking in the Market Place, if charging was introduced, was estimated at £90,000 a year (£1,168 per space). With the same calculation on each space in the Trowbridge multi-storey car park, the people of Trowbridge will be losing £554,800 a year.

Regrettably, Wiltshire councillors representing Trowbridge had no say in this decision to sell. Furthermore, we will be the ones in the firing line from residents, as anti-social parking in residential areas increases significantly.

The Trowbridge Town Council staff including the Town Clerk, currently use the multi-storey, they will now have to pay along with the rest of the population.

Why should free parking be taken away from the visitors and workforce of Trowbridge, but continue for councillors and Wiltshire Council staff at County Hall? Are we not all equal in the eyes of Wiltshire Council?

Edward Kirk

Town & Wiltshire Councillor for Trowbridge Adcroft