AREAS that councillors represent are set to be reshaped as the boundaries between communities change.

New homes and extra people coming into Wiltshire mean the areas that Wiltshire Council's 98 councillors represent will be changed as towns get bigger and new developments are created.

A 10 week consultation is currently taking place and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England want to hear your views. The work is being done to make sure that each councillor represents the same number of people, ideally 4258, the estimated number of people living there by 2024. Professor Colin Mellors, chair of the Commission, said: “Our review aims to deliver electoral equality for local voters. This means that each councillor represents a similar number of people, so that everyone’s vote in council elections is worth roughly the same, regardless of where you live."Richard Clewer, the chairman of the review committee, said: “Things will not stay the same as they are, so I hope people take a look and see how it could affect their local area.” To take part visit A final decision will be published in July and implemented during the elections in 2021.