AIRSPRUNG Group, the Trowbridge-based bed and mattress manufacturer, has contracted a Corsham-based firm to help cut its energy bills.

SMARTech energy, an energy management and reduction specialist, will help the company to implement the Government-backed Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Airsprung Group is a privately owned furniture business that boasts an unbroken heritage dating all the way back to 1870.

The company is one of the UK’s leading bed manufacturers employing more than 500 people across sites in Chorley, Bristol and Trowbridge.

SMARTech will use ESOS mandatory energy assessment and compliance to help the company to cut its energy bills at its offices and factories.

The ESOS scheme represents the Government’s response to the implementation of Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and is designed to support energy efficiency measures in the UK’s commercial and industrial sectors.

Stuart Pearce, managing director of SMARTech energy, said “Our experience has shown that significant energy savings can be identified through the ESOS process and that going beyond the mandatory environmental compliance makes for a compelling business case.

“We look forward to helping the Airsprung Group to achieve ESOS compliance and to supporting their commitment in sustainable energy management.”

As an approved ESOS Lead Assessor, SMARTech energy is one of around 1,000 UK firms qualified to help businesses and organisations to achieve ESOS compliance.

The company, based on the Leafield Industrial Estate in Corsham, offers site surveys, energy analysis and monitoring to identify energy consumption and cost-saving opportunities.

The ESOS scheme is now in its second phase and companies are being urged to adhere to the compliance deadline of December 5.

Implementing effective cost energy saving projects can reduce an organisation’s annual energy costs by 20 per cent or more.

With the need to protect the environment, together with rising energy costs, the offer of a financial return further contributes to an organisation’s sustainability objective.

As leaders in the provision of specialist commercial services, SMARTech energy can deliver recommended measures through the design, installation and servicing of major building systems such as heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting projects.

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