Year 4 pupils at Westbury Leigh CE Primary School were recently visited by Gillian Smith from Wessex Water to help with their topic on rivers. They learnt about the water cycle, the role of Wessex Water, the use of rivers, where tap water comes from and how we clean water.

Pupils were then given the opportunity to reinforce their fair testing skills to test what happens to paper hand towels, tissue and toilet paper after they are flushed down the loo during an experiment. They needed to predict, measure, observe and make conclusions.

Mrs Atwill, Lacock Class teacher, said: “Children loved learning about all the different ways we use water, they couldn’t quite believe that on average one person gets through 90 litres of water a day. They learnt about how our waste down sinks causes sewage and how different types of tissue affects our toilets.”

Pupil Grace said “I didn’t know that we had to pay for water, I thought it was free. I will make sure I am careful at home from now on by turning off taps and having a five-minute shower instead of a longer one.”