"HELP others" has been sprayed on walls in around 10 locations across Trowbridge. The message, while encouraging an act of kindness has been described by Trowbridge councillor Stewart Palmen as vandalism.

The phrase has been sprayed in the Castle Place car park near the train station and on the bridge to Tesco from Biss Meadow.

Cllr Palmen said: "Although the messages read help others, it is an act of vandalism and it has now been sprayed in alot of placed so there is mixed feelings. The messages are not neat, there isn't much artistic value to them.

"What I would like to see is a graffiti art mural in the town and we have been speaking to artist Miller who grew up in the town and has done some good work in Bristol."

Some of the messages have even been adapted with one now reading Help Mothers, and another Help Otters. Offensive graffiti was cleared away from the wall near the river in Trowbridge park in January.