WILTSHIRE Heights has welcomed MindHarp into the lives of the residents and staff of the Bradford on Avon care home.

Libby Miles, Client Services Manager for Wiltshire Heights, has introduced the new equipment following a chance meeting at the annual BRACE conference in Bristol.

She met the MindHarp creators, Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath, who have collaborated with its lesiure and wellness team to introduce MindHarp into the home.

Stewart Redpath, co-director of Lydianhealth, said: “It was with great pleasure that I delivered the first couple of MindHarps to Libby and her team at Wiltshire Heights.“We had met and discussed and presented the MindHarp before Christmas and it was immediately evident what a high calibre team they are.“They immediately understood the power and potential of what the MindHarp offers and were bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm.

“We will be supporting them as much as they need and possibly even trialling new concepts and ideas with Libby and her team in coming months.

The MindHarp equipment generates beautifully-crafted sounds at the touch of a button. It’s a rewarding and engaging activity for the cared-for and the carers.

Like all musical activities, it lifts the mood and engages the players physically, mentally and emotionally.

Its creators, Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath, spent a year developing it working directly with older people and people living with dementia. It is simple and accessible, allowing anyone to enjoy it at anytime and in any location.

Mrs Miles said: “Music is a very powerful medium to tap into, in particular in the care of older people and those living with a Dementia.

“In using the MindHarp we are able to reminisce, create and connect. We have had some really positive responses in group sessions and one to one sessions.

“We are also looking forward to our residents introducing the MindHarp to some of our younger visitors strengthening the intergenerational bonds which we already have.”