THE Friends of Trowbridge Park has collapsed, after the chairman and other committee members resigned. Sharl Adabashi had led the group for over five years and stepped down angry at what he described as “a lack of vision and creativity” from the town council.

No-one has come forward to head the Friends and another two members have left the committee, forcing them to disband. Mr Adabashi told the Times: “Following my recent resignation as chairman of the Friends of Trowbridge Park Group, no one came forward to take on the responsibility or to fill other positions left vacant by the resignation of other committee members. We have therefore reluctantly agreed to disband.

“It does break my heart but quite frankly there are always consequences for sticking to your morals, and I am prepared to take these consequences.”

At their final committee meeting held last Friday (Feb 15) members agreed that £1,000 of the group’s £2,849.56 funds should go back to Mr and Mrs Prior, who gave that amount towards the Enchanted Garden Project, which has now been abandoned. Another £350 will be given to the friends of Biss Meadows Country Park, to help maintain the Tesco Bridge Archway in future.

That leaves £1,499.56, which will go to the activities of the Rectory of Love border team, who are creating a colourful border in the park opposite Court Mills.

Town clerk Lance Allan said: “The Friends were never responsible for projects in the park. The Town Council is responsible and has always worked in partnership with the Friends and will continue to work in partnership with volunteers who were members of the Friends and other volunteers.”