RESIDENTS and staff at a Warminster care home have been producing a film which they hope will win them an award.

The Ashwood Care Home was set a challenge by parent group, The Orders Of St John Care Trust, to take part in an inter-home competition ‘I Can’t Believe It’s a Care Home’.

Their task was to create or do something outside the box that no-one would expect from a care home.

The activities team at Ashwood decided to film a music video to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by the rock group Queen.

It has been produced as a tribute to Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about the life of Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury.

Manager Pauline Colman-Holland, who also dressed up as Superwoman, said: “We had fantastic fun filming the video.

“We wanted to portray that life doesn’t end when you walk through a care home’s doors, certainly not ours anyway.

“A lot of prior planning was involved – scene setting, prop making and filming itself. No-one needed to be persuaded to join in – everyone wanted to get involved.”

“We had all sorts of things going on - science experiments in the garden, kitchen staff dancing down the halls, carers being wheeled on trolleys.

“A super heroes party was held in the cinema disguised as a disco, that residents and staff could bring their children to, dressed as super heroes to film a party scene.

The team even sent a cheeky email to Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May inviting him to come and take part.

They received a polite refusal from his agent explaining that Dr May wouldn’t be in the UK but in Los Angeles attending the Oscars ceremony.

Thursday saw the premier of the music video in theAshwood cinema with an award ceremony afterwards.

Instead of Oscars, residents and staff were presented with ‘Freddie’ awards for fun categories such as ‘Outstanding achievement in arm dancing’ and ‘Most Authentic Brian May’.

Resident Ellen Rush, who won ‘Outstanding Contribution to Lip Sync’, said: “I wasn’t expecting an award. I really enjoyed being part of the film.”