A disabled Melksham woman says it’s too dangerous to use her bath because water leaks into her electric light in the hallway.

Melloney Miller, 49, suffers from a degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis in her lower back.

She finds it difficult to get in and out of her bath and is waiting for a wet room to be installed at her home in Lewington Close, Melksham, in the summer.

But she says the bath is too dangerous to use because water is leaking from an area where the plastic sealant has broken and is trickling down in her hallway from an electric light fitting.

She said: “The leak from the bathroom is coming down the electric light fitting in our hallway and is dripping onto the carpet. The situation is dangerous because the water is getting into the electrics.”

Mrs Miller and her husband, David, 52, say they first reported the problem to Selwood Housing on February 10 by email and then sent them a second email a week later.

“When nothing happened, David rang them on February 28. The person he spoke to just advised me to sit down in the bath and use the shower but I find it difficult to get in and out of the bath without help.”

On March 1, Mrs Miller slipped and fell while getting out of the bath and claims she is now in excruciating pain.

“When we rang them they said I don’t fit their criteria for an emergency repair because I don’t have a skin complaint.

“They say the only time they can come out to renew the seal is March 11 but I feel they aren’t taking the problem seriously. It’s frustrating because they’re not listening to me.

“In the meantime, I can’t have a bath and I can’t have a shower because I can’t get in and out of the bath on my own.”

A Selwood Housing spokeswoman said the Miller’s bathtub would be re-sealed on Thursday, March 7 after fixing an appointment on Wednesday (March 6).

She added: “Mr Miller contacted Selwood Housing customer support by email on February 10 and 24.

“On both occasions we requested the property address, which we need in order to log a repair request to the correct property. We did not receive a response so could not take any further action at that point.

“We did not receive any further communications from Mr and Mrs Miller until Mr Miller telephoned customer support on February 28. It was at this point we first became aware that water was leaking onto electrics.

“After this call, a Silcoa operative attended the property the same day. The electrics were made safe and it was explained that a follow up appointment would need to be arranged to re-seal the bathtub.

“Mrs Miller called on Monday, March 4 to arrange a suitable appointment for the works to take place. We were able to offer a time on Monday, March 11; however this appointment was refused by the customer, as was the chance to be added to our cancellation list for an earlier appointment.

“We must consider the priority of all repair works to ensure that genuine emergencies can be attended.

“As the customer is not a lone occupant and still has available washing facilities, the follow-on repair raised was not considered to be an emergency.

“We have worked with Mr and Mrs Miller to ensure that a repair is taking place at the earliest opportunity and are pleased that Mrs Miller will be receiving a new wet room in the summer through Wiltshire Council.”