IT was a day of celebration on Saturday as Trowbridge town council received their Fairtrade renewal certificate.

The town has now had fairtrade status for the last 10 years and as of this weekend will keep that status for atleast another two years.

The certificate was presented to Trowbridge mayor Dennis Drewett by Tom Hill of Fairtrade.

Trowbridge town councillor Steve Oldrieve and chairman of the town's Fairtrade Group said: "It was a really great event which was very well supported.

"It was a chance to say thank you to all the groups, business and retailers who have been supporting us over the past 10 years.

"Now we can look into the future at how we can encourage others to switch to Fairtrade."

To gain or maintain a Fairtrade status, a town must have the support of the Mayor and town council, have a Fairtrade group and have a development plan to outline how it plans to promote Fairtrade.