REDUCING its single use plastic waste has become a priority for Westbury Town Council as it strives to reduce waste being dumped in landfill sites.

Councillors have agreed to go plastic-free and will be doing what they can to make a difference for the environment in Westbury and further afield.

Town clerk Deborah Urch said: “We are striving to be plastic-free at the offices. We are using up the stock of plastic cups which are used with the water dispenser and we will be replacing them with paper cones for our next delivery.

“All individuals at the town council are taking responsibility for their own plastic usage and are avoiding it wherever possible.

“When we place orders with suppliers we can’t always ensure that the packaging will be plastic-free, but we are doing all we can to reduce the amount of single use plastics we use as a council and think carefully about our buying decisions.

“We are pleased to say we will be getting a new electric van to replace the old petrol one.

“This will help to reduce our carbon footprint.

“This is about setting the right example and I hope others can learn to make similar changes.”

Town councillor Jane Russ said: “I have been a keen recycler for many years and am continuing to reduce my own plastic waste.

“We want to keep rubbish out of landfills.”

The town council recently organised a community litter pick which saw over 30 bags of rubbish collected.

Cllr Russ will be working with other councillors to hold recycling workshops at The Laverton in the near future to encourage people in Westbury to reduce their single use plastic waste.